Sentiers Grotte des fées


PeaksThe trail leading to the crests goes through a mixed forest of fir, maple, yellow and white birch. It goes up towards a cliff that hikers walk around through a narrow crossing to access a site similar to the tundra in Parc de la Gaspésie. This mountain is indeed part of the Appalachians and old-growth lichen and mosses are part of the Gaspé’s caribou habitat. The caribou used to live in these regions several centuries ago. The remarkable landscape overlooks the Saint-Lawrence which hikers looking North can see on clear days. Southwards, the foothills of the Matapedia Valley stand out. Up to 1920, the Micmac clans would cross the Valley to reach Matane.


Rating: moderate to hard

Length: 2.5km (5km round-trip)


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Ruffed grouse

Ruffed grouse