Sentiers Grotte des fées


The waterfall


The waterfall is surrounded by legend. Carved by the sedimentary process of Blanche River, a canyon gives access to a 6.5-m-high steep-sided waterfall surrounded by sandstone cliffs of nearly 14 meters. In spring and even more in fall, Waterfall this rocky valley is shrouded in mist. On the eastern bank of the river, the rock creates the impression of a human face with high hair facing the deep whirling water. A fine drizzle covers the face with diaphanous veils of vapour scattered with multi-coloured droplets. The fairy myth might have originated from this phenomenon occurring on hot and humid summer days. It was enough for imaginative people to decide that the site was magic.


Rating: easy

Length: 2.3 km (4.6 km round-trip with arboretum)


The stream valley


You can have a break and refresh in a stream nested in a tiny valley. Under the moss, logs appear: it might be the work of some skilful lumbermen to ease wood transport. A pure source, sheltered from the sun, endlessly flows on the rock.

The camp and the stable


Discover the moss-covered remains of a forest shelter and a stable used by former lumberjack. At the time of colonization, horses were the men’s best ally when working in the forest. The stable had to be built near a stream for the horses to water. 


Trail slide show


The age of the past

The age of the past

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